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GuZheng lessons are available in Calgary to students of all ages who are interested in learning the Chinese GuZheng (Chinese Zither); a chinese stringed instrument. An efficient and scientific teaching method, based on the methodology developed by Dr. Tsui Ngan Keung is followed. Dr. Tsui Ngan Keung is a first class GuZheng performer who lives in Hong Kong, China. Students who practice diligently will be satisfied by their progress in all facets of performing GuZheng music. Lessons are provided by Shirley Wong, former member of the Hong Kong GuZheng Performers Association and the instructor of the Hong Kong Gu Zheng Art Center.

Basic Course: Students will learn basic techniques of playing GuZheng as well as basic knowledge of Chinese music theory. After completing the course, students will be able to play GuZheng with both hands and perform some famous pieces of GuZheng music especially the 'Fishermen's Song at Dusk’.

Advanced Course: Students will learn advanced techniques of playing GuZheng and have comprehensive training on basic and advanced techniques. Students will be able to perform many famous GuZheng solo pieces such as 'A Moonlit Night on the River', 'Autumn Moon in the Palace of Han', 'High Mountain and Flowing Water' and 'Combating Typhoon'.

Grade Exam Course: Students who wish to take a standard grade exam in Canada hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music of China, will be trained according to the syllabus written by the professors of the Central Conservatory of Music of China. From 2008 on, our students participated the examination; which is held annually in North America in the fall. All of our students passed the examinations with honour and received positive comments from the organizer.